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2023 Super Bowl Commercials

watching a superbowl ad on tv

Who will spend $7 million for a 30-second spot at the Super Bowl on FOX this year?

While the pandemic has played havoc with advertisers in the recent past, this year it's no-holds barred for advertisers who are ready to ante up the $7 million ( a cool half-million more than last year) to provide 100 million captive viewers with the funniest and most entertaining TV commercials of the year.

It's the most expensive air time on television. But most major advertisers are willing to foot the bill to reach the millions of viewers huddled around the living room TV on Super Bowl Sunday.

Just up ahead, check out sneak previews and insider info on what will capture audiences attention (besides the game!) this Super Bowl Sunday:

Ready for the warmup? Downy Unstopables is all in this year, having already kicked off with a series of commercials leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. All of them feature an unknown celebrity who promises to reveal his secret identity if -- and only if -- Downy Unstopables lives up to its 12-week freshness claim. But you'll have to wait until game day to find out:

And ... we're calling the award winner NOW for Best Super Bowl Commercial of 2023. The tagline might have been "so good they ought to be illegal" but they didn't go there. You decide:


More excitment heading down to game time has Ron Gronkowski getting lured into a promotional stunt for betting site FanDuel. Gronk? Kicking a field goal live during Super Bowl LVII?! What could go wrong?

More suspemse? Check out the Doritos teaser, below, starring rapper Jack Harlow, who may or may not be involved in a mysterious love triangle! What does it all mean?

Now it's time for funny lady Anna Faris to get a little racy hawking a forbidden fruit from Mexico.

Another celebrity endorsement this year (for website company Squarespace) pits Adam Driver against Adam Driver against ... Adam Driver. And while it may be a just glitch in the Matrix, it's pretty clever.

And kudos to Sarah McLachlan who spoofs her long-running animal cruelty prevention commercials in this ad for the "Head for the Mountains" Busch Beer campaign. "...and by the way, Sarah, that's a wolf..."

Meanwhile, Heineken is back with a perfectly-timed Super Bowl spot -- a week before the new Ant Man movie opens nationwide -- featuring Paul Rudd as our hero drinking non-alcoholic Heineken.

And how about a celebrity endorsement that comes with a conspiracy theory? If you've been following the hubbub surrounding M&Ms spokescandies, you probably believe (like we do) that it was merely to get funny lady Maya Rudolph elected:

Pepsi may not be the halftime sponsor this year, but they still got game. Watch as two legends of comedy play verbal kick the can while promoting Pepsi Zero Sugar:


Progressive also joins the lineup this year with a very funny spot that is sure to be a hit with new homebuyers.

In other celebrity endorsements, look for funnyman Kevin Hart to act as spokesperson for DraftKings, the sports-betting platform, which returns for it's third Super Bow in 2023.

Also promising to bring the funny? Pringles has hinted it will play off the humorous premise of getting a hand stuck inside Pringles packaging that it used for last year's 2022 Super Bowl ad.

Of course, no game day would be complete without a sneak peak at an upcoming summer blockbuster starting with the superhero epic, "The Flash" premiering in theaters nationwide in June.

Meanwhile, keep it here for updates, videos, and sneak peeks as more advertiisers reveal their entry into this year's Super Bowl ad sweepstakes.

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