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Flowers Speak the Language of Love
on Valentine's Day

Whether they're the real thing, made of tissue paper, or chocolate,
get creative with unique ideas for giving flowers this time of year.

flowersIf there is ever a day flowers come to mind, it's on Valentine's Day.

Although roses are usually the first choice for couples, this beautiful flower can be given to friends as well, depending on the rose's color.

Carnations - with their clove scent and lush petals - have maintained their popularity for more than 2,000 years. The iris is also at the top of any list, along with tulips, daisies, and daffodils. The beautiful lily also makes a lasting impression with its large and graceful blossom.

With so many choices, maybe a little of everything in a bouquet is a good idea!

Shopping tip: Save on the cost of Valentine's Day flowers by ordering them online or buying them from a local florist several days to a week earlier -- before prices spike for the holiday...

Fresh flower alternatives

Is your special someone allergic to the real thing? No can still be part of the day! Crafts, candies, cards, and even candles can all be in the shape of flowers. Maybe its special fragrance is what your special someone likes. Then, scented candles, perfumes and potpourri are great ideas!

tissue paper rose
Crafting with tissue
paper makes for
a beautiful rose.

If crafting isn't really your thing, and you need something simple to make try tulips made from a recycled egg carton or egg shells. If done just so, colored tissue paper scrunched together makes for a beautiful paper rose!

Making candles is fun, too. You can decorate a plain white candle with dried flowers or add them to the wax while it is cooling. If you want a scented candle, add crushed scented flower pieces into the melted wax and then when it is burned the aroma will fill the air!

Here are more ideas for fancy do-it-yourself dinner or dessert garnishes sure to make a hit with guests at any Valentine's Day party:

maraschino cherry flowerCherry Flower

Pat-dry a maraschino cherry and place on cutting board. Use a sharp knife to make five uniform cuts downward, being careful not to cut all the way through. Separate "petals" and place a small candy in the middle (i.e., the top of a Hershey's Chocolate Kiss, as shown).

rose garnish made from a lemon peelLemon Rose

Use a sharp knife to cut the peel in one continuous strip about 1/4- inch wide. Roll the strip into a tight circle and use as a garnish on a dinner or dessert plate.

And who can resist a flower made entirely from chocolate? There are many different molds that melted chocolate can be poured into to make the most beautiful and delicious flowers ever.

From a single rose to an entire garden -- get creative!

This Valentine's Day, enjoy flowers fresh from the garden or make some of your own. It is the thought behind the flowers that is the gift anyway. It all comes down to an old saying "A rose by any other name is just as sweet" - especially when it's made from cherries...or chocolate!

Happy Valentine's Day!

More about Valentine's Day flowers around the Web:

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