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Happy Valentine's Day - RosesWhy are roses counted among favorite Valentine's Day flowers?

The secrets of the romance of the rose are hidden in the mists of time.

Fossils of roses have been found in prehistoric ruins. Rose gardens were popular in Asia more than 5,000 years ago, and the rose has been grown in Europe since the days of the Roman Empire.

The word itself, rose, comes from the Roman word for red, rosa. The phrase subrosa, which means secret or confidential, comes from the practice of sneaking out to the quiet privacy of the rose garden and whispering secrets - under the roses.

Roman mythology tells the story of Rodanthe whose beauty was so bewitching that she was tormented by suitors who wanted to marry her. To save her, the Gods turned her into a rose - and the suitors into thorns! No wonder that roses have come to be symbols of romance.

A simple gift of a single red rose "means "I love you" ...

The colors of roses have special, hidden meanings. Giving a single rose of any other color but red is a traditional way to say thank you. A simple gift of a single red rose means "I love you" and two red roses with their stems entwined is a promise of engagement or marriage in the near future.

Red roses symbolize love and passion but also respect. Pink roses mean happiness and gentleness. Yellow roses signify true friendship and joy. Combining red, yellow and pink roses for Valentine's Day is a great idea. These flowers together stand for the the ideal relationship...the gentle passion of lovers who are each other's best friends. White roses mean purity and innocence.

When white roses are mixed with red they mean harmony, unity and a pure love. White roses are also traditionally given to young girls who are too young for the passion of the red rose. Peach colored roses stand for a desire to get to know each other better. Purple roses mean love at first sight. Combined, they make the perfect flowers to give on a first date or to a new girlfriend on Valentine's Day.

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