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Gay pride flag

When: Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 11AM.

Where : 25th St. & 5th Ave. then west to 8th St., down Christopher St. and north on 7th Ave. to 16th St.

Directions : IRT to 28th St. for the start of the parade, or IND Eighth Avenue subway line to 14th Street for the mid-parade route.

Local TV: ABC Channel 7 from Noon-3PM

New York City takes center stage around the world for celebrating gay pride .

This year, NYC's Gay Pride March begins at noon on Sunday, June 30, 2024 for a loud, proud parade down Fifth Avenue

Meanwhile, check out more information on major festivities, and local news coverage just up ahead.

2024 NYC Pride festivities

One thing about NYC Gay Pride -- it ain't just a parade! -- as other beloved annual events play a major part in the celebration.

That includes the annual music fest at Pride Island at 2PM on Goverrnor's Island in New York Harbor.

Earlier in the day also don't miss an enjoyable food fest and live entertainment at the annual PrideFest street fair in the heart of Greenwich Village beginning at 11AM before the parade kicks off on Sunday at noon.

For more info be sure to check out what else is happening this year at the official website

Of course, NYC Gay Pride Week culminates in the big march down Fifth Avenue during the NYC Pride March on Sunday, June 30 beginning at 11AM ET.

Marchers will proceed south on 5th Avenue before heading west on 8th Street. After crossing over 6th Avenue, the March will continue on Christopher Street passing the Stonewall National Monument. It will then turn north on 7th Avenue, passing the New York City AIDS Memorial, before dispersing in Chelsea at 16th Street and 7th Avenue. 

In the tri-state area, watch for the local television broadcast broadcast on ABC-7 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm ET along with a livestream on and related apps.  

NYC Gay Pride March theme and 2024 grand marshalls

“Reflect. Empower. Unite” is the theme of this year's march and festivities, marking the 55th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising that started it all.

Grand marshalls announced for the 2024 event include DaShawn Usher, Senior Director of Communities of Color and Media at GLAAD; Miss Major, a legendary transgender activist; and US singer and radio and TV host Michelle Visage.

Grand Marshal's in the Youth Activist category will be represented by Eshe Ukwell, Baddie Brooks and RobinDrake

All about the NYC Gay Pride March

Originating in New York City. the gay pride parade has sparked marches for gay pride worldwide ever since the first march in Greenwich Village in the early 1970's.

NYC plays host to millions of onlookers a year at the annual Gay Pride March, one of the world's largest.

Today, Gay Pride Week is held on the last week in June, with days worth of events happening beforehand that culminates with the big march down Fifth Avenue and the Pridefest street fair that wraps up Gay Pride Week.

But it's not all fun and festivities. The big parade is also considered a civil rights march as the gay and transgender community unites as one to fight recent renewed subversion of hard-won rights -- for healthcare, employment and housing.

Remembering Stonewall

NYC Pride, Stonewall2024 marks the landmark 55th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in 1969, and was a reminder that the gay pride march was not always such a festive event.

The original purpose of the pride march was to commemorate the riots at the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay and lesbian bar of the time that became the epicenter for violent protests against the unlawful treatment that gays suffered at the hands of the New York City police department.

The Stonewall riots are now considered a major turning point in the Gay Rights movement, and the march still goes past the site every year to pay tribute to its significance.

And, in commemorating it's origins, organizers state that the Pride event in New York City will continue to be called a march until full equality is achieved by the LGBT community.

It's Time to Party

Otherwise, the NYC gay pride march is an upbeat celebration that draws huge crowds from around the Metro New York area numbering more than one million participants and spectators.

Vibrant costumes and dress have, in many ways, come to embody the spirit of the gay pride parade over the years.

While event organizers remind participants that New York State has a law against nudity below the belt, parade participants are encouraged to express themselves in whatever way they see fit, which typically amounts to a spectacular display of creative and original costumes, displays, and floats.

Have fun!

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More about the Gay Pride Week around the Web:

NYC Pride - The official site with details on the whole of Gay Pride Week festivities including times & locations, participant guide, volunteer opportunities, FAQ, photos & contact info.

NYC Pride March - Here's the Wikipedia page from start to finish including a history of the event, celebrity participants by year, photo gallery and more.



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