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Potato Mushrooms

Tired of serving up the same ol' meat and potatoes?

Try this fun, easy vegetable carving project for the holidays or anytime...

Potato mushroom vegetable carvingYou'll need:

  • medium red potatoes

  • sharp knife

  • apple corer


1. Wash potatoes and pat dry.

2. Insert apple corer about 2 inches into the middle of a potato.

apple corer3. With the corer still inserted, lay potato on its side and use a sharp knife to cut down until you hit the side of the apple corer. Begin slicing all around.

4. Remove the corer. (If you intend to cook the potatoes, reserve the potato 'circle' that remains for later.)

5. Peel away small circles of potato skin to resemble mushroom "polka dots", as shown. (optional).

If not intended to be cooked, sprinkle potatoes with lemon juice to prevent them from turning brown. Otherwise, cook potatoes in roasting pan until tender. Hint: use the leftover potato circles as stands to keep potato mushrooms upright while baking.

Serve with steak, roasts or chops.

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