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Love the nightlife? LIke to boogie? Get on your platform shoes as we welcome back the 70's with great ideas for a party centered around the famous Disco Era.

70's party theme ideas

heart 70sAt any 70's party this disco theme can't go far wrong when you're planning a 70's era bash...

Saturday Night Fever is an obvious choice, but don't forget other movie hits of the decade including Charlies Angels, Rocky, or even Rocky Horror Picture Show!

If it's a costume party, 70's fashion trends dictate flared trousers and bell bottoms and, of course, gold chains, outrageous rainbow Afro wigs and BIG platform shoes.

70's party decorations

The 70's also saw the rise of the smiley face, so be sure to include those in your plans for decorations or invitations, along with 70's era music or movie posters to hang on the walls. If you have vintage 70's albums (or you can find them at the second hand store) use string to hang them from the ceiling for a great visual effect.

And what would a 70's party be without the strobe lights and disco ball? Complete the theme with silver streamers and black balloons, offset by colorful tableclothes and party ware.

70's party games & activities

70's discoWhen it comes to party games and activities, test your party guests knowledge of 1970's trivia, or their finger dexterity with a 70's fad called .... the Rubics Cube.

See who remembers 70's dance trends with a live demonstration, then break out the karaoke CD and have guests try to keep "stayin' alive" with their best (or worst, and hilarious) renditions of 70's hits.

Also be sure to have plenty of prizes on hand to award the guest with the best costume (or the highest platform shoes), as well winners of the best disco and karaoke performances.

70's party food & drink ideas

For what to serve, get inspired by several dishes made popular in the 70's including cheese fondue, hot dogs & cheesy fries, Italian penne pasta salad, Quiche Lorraine, or Mexican fajitas.

And remember that no get-together would be complete without the dessert craze that swept the nation in the 70's -- homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

Include popular party drinks from the decade, including the Harvey Wallbanger or the makings for a White Russian. Also remember America's favorite diet cola? Still with a loyal following today, it was Tab - "A Beautiful Drink for Beautiful People." - that 70's hipsters consumed in mass quantities through the decade.

70's party favors & goodie bags

reeses pieces, peppermint pattys, jelly bellys - 70s party favors
When the party is over, send guests home smilling with a goodie bag filled with disco ball keychains, smiley buttons or stickers, along with popular candy of the era such as York Peppermint Patties, Pop Rocks, Jelly Belly jelly beans, or Reese's Pieces for a sweet lasting memory of the 70's ...

Have fun!


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