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70's smiley faceIt's the decade that launched the streaker, the Brady Bunch and the smiley face -- not to mention punks, the disco craze, a rising tide of one-hit wonders.And, let's not forget platform shoes and polyester leisure suits.

Were the 70's really the time that taste forgot?

On the plus side, the 70's also saw the rise of Star Wars, The Godfather movie franchise, and the debut of a newfangled invention, cable TV.

70's leisure suit
In a follow-up to the more free-wheeling fashion styles of the 60's, leisure suits were a short-lived fad during the 70's decade.
70's earth shoes & platform shoes
70's shoe styles ranged from the ergonomic Earth Shoe to the high- heeled platform shoe that was marketed to both men and women.
farah fawcett hairstyle
The feathered layered look that was sported by Charlie's Angels TV star Farrah Fawcett created a nationwide craze for "Farrah hair".
Carole King Tapestry album cover
70's soft rock came to the fore with popular artists such as Carole King (pictured), James Taylor, Cat Stevens, and The Carpenters.
Saturday Night Fever
The disco craze went full throttle with the release of the Saturday Night Fever sound track featuring the Bee Gees hit "Stayin' Alive."
Punk rocker Iggy Pop
As an allergic reaction to mainstream music, 70's punk rock gave rise to Iggy Pop, (pictured) The Ramones, and The Clash.
All in the Family
All in the Family created a wave of "social consciousness" sitcoms that tackled subjects such as prejudice and women's issues.
Mary Tyler Moore Show cast
The life of an independent career woman was played for laughs on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, spinning off Rhoda and Phyllis.
Don Cornelius, host of Soul Train
Following the success of American Bandstand came Soul Train, featuring top black music artists and popular dance moves.

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