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Traditional bachelor parties usually includes lots of drinking, toasting, dirty songs, good gags and, of course, the occasional stripper. Today, all that's changed.

Thankfully, modern bachelor parties can include anything from a casual get-together with close pals for a night of bowling and beer -- to an entire weekend devoted to a fishing trip, white water rafting, or other alternatives to traditional bachelor parties that don't involve bar peanuts and booze.

Whether mellow or wild, the responsibility for organizing the bachelor party usually falls to the best man.

Invitations? They are usually not the norm for bachelor parties, and a phone call or text message with the time and place is usually all that's required. Meanwhile, the rest of the groomsmen can usually be relied upon to chip in for expenses, or help with planning and organizing, especially if a weekend trip is involved.

(NOTE: the traditional "night before" bash is increasingly being moved to the week before the wedding ceremony since there's nothing worse than a groom in need of a hangover cure on his wedding day. Brides can be very touchy about this - go figure.)

The best man plans and organizes while the rest of the groomsmen chip in for expenses. Modern bachelor
parties can range from a night out on the town to a weekend fishing or camping trip with the boys.

If you're going for cheap and affordable, consider a casual house party or backyard barbecue. Pick one of the guys who's good at let him loose at the grill. Pick a party theme, add a keg of beer, and some music - and you're set.

If one of you is taking on the role of DJ (or even if you're hiring one) check out some ideas for songs to fit the occasion:

Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men
The Boys are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy
Running with the Devil
- Van Halen
Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions
Gin and Juice
- Snoop Dog
I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash
Back in the Saddle
- Aerosmith
Devil With A Cause - Kid Rock
Every Day
- Dave Mathews Band

Whatever the plan may be, get everyone involved from the get-go, and have a blast.

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