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There is nothing more fun sometimes than doing everything backwards!

Some schools have "Backwards Day" just because it is so much fun to see how turned around things can get.

Now imagine how fun it would be to throw a backwards birthday bash ...

Backwards Party Invitations

Instead of sending invitations, send thank you notes! Or make your own, and spell everything on the front of the invitation backwards.

Inside, write: "Thanks for coming to my party!" Then put the date, time, address, etc. Also, ask your guests to come dressed as backwards as they can. You can turn this into a game and give a prize to the most backward outfit!

When you greet your guests, say "Goodbye and thanks for coming!" As they arrive, give them name tags with their names spelled backwards, of course!

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Best wishes for a very Happy YADHTRIB!

Food & drink ideas

  • Set up a veggie tray with the veggies already in the dip.

  • Serve hot dogs, but cut the hot dog in half. When you put it on the plate put the bun in between each of the hot dog halves. Don't forget to have the cake and ice cream first!

  • Pull the chairs away, place the tablecloth on the floor underneath the table, and have your guests eat there!

Games & activities

  • backward name tagName tags with guests' names spelled backwards come in handy for this fun party activity : Explain that every time a person's name is said the correct way - instead of backwards - the person who said the name needs to give a paper clip or necklace to the person whose name was said correctly. Whoever has the most paper clips or necklaces at the end of the party wins a prize!

  • Pin the tail on the donkey's nose, or play it the old fashioned way by awarding the person who is farthest away from the tail with a prize.

  • Do the limbo, but instead of "How low can you go?" change it to "How high can you jump?"

  • How many times can you jump rope backwards?

  • Arrange a scavenger hunt, but spell everything on your clue list backwards.

Just up ahead, check out more tips around the web on how to make your mixed-up party bash the best ever!

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