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BatmanBatman and Robin have been around for decades! Children have grown up following the adventures of the Dynamic Duo and their arch enemies.

What do you do when your little superhero comes to you and wants to have a Batman birthday party?

Batman Party Decorations

  • Cut out question marks from black or purple construction paper and hang them from the ceiling with string.

  • Look online for Batman clip art of the bat signal and make a poster of that, or buy one online, to hang on a wall or door.

  • Black and yellow balloons can also be blown up and strewn around. Use them later for a game by putting a piece of candy inside each one before blowing them up. Then have the kids play a round of balloon stomp to get the treat!

  • Batman Party Activities

  • Capture the Villain

    Print out different 3 of 3 Batman enemies like Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, The Joker, Penguin, or Catwoman, so that you have 9 altogether, and tape them to paper plates. Arrange the paper plates in a 3x3 diagram. Have coins available for each player to use. The goal is for the coins to land on three of the same villain. Each player gets three turns to "capture" one villain.

  • Build Gotham City Hall!

    Have a few decks of cards on hand for this game. Create groups of builders by pairing up your guests. Use your judgement when pairing up the children to make it an even playing field. Each team then gets two packs of cards. The team that has the tallest tower of cards is the winner!

  • Batman Party Foods and Favors

  • On the birthday cake, place Batman and Robin figures on top and use an icing tube to decorate with "POW! CRASH! BOOM! KAPOW!" all around. Make ice cream a little more exciting by calling it "Mr. Freeze Ice cream."

  • Send party guests home happy with goodie bags filled with silly string, some superhero figurines, stickers, and of course candy!

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