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Boss's day memoWhether it's their birthday, a special occasion, or you want to show them your appreciation on Bosses Day (October 16) getting gifts for the boss can be a balancing act between spending too much or too little.

You don't want to be extravagant (and look like you're sucking up - besides, your boss almost certainly makes more money than you do), but you don't want to look cheap or overlook the occasion altogether.

Other than a nice card, or an e-mail expressing your good wishes, how else can you do to acknowledge a boss's special day? Here are some tips for giving the boss man or lady something they will really appreciate:

bosses day t-shirtsMake 'em laugh - Show your sense of humor with a gag gift, such as a fly swatter for beating off pesky sales people, an alarm clock (for getting to meetings on time!), or a humorous desk calendar. Just be sure it's in good taste and don't go overboard.

I wanna be like ... If the boss is easily identifiable by an item of clothing — i.e., power ties, pin stripes, red scarf, suspenders, or oxford button downs —, help sponsor a "Dress Like the Boss Day" with a group photo to commemorate the occasion.

Group gift - Lessen the expense on everyone in the office by chipping in for a group gift for the boss. Besides a gift basket (see "Feed the Boss", above) other good ideas might include tickets to a concert or sporting event; a gift certificate to their favorite store; or an expensive electronic gizmo they can take on the road.

Welcome to the neighborhood - If your boss is a new hire from out of town, help them settle in with a housewarming present together with best wishes for success in their new home. Also say "welcome" by giving them a helpful city guide, or by arranging a subscription to a local magazine to help the boss and their family to get acclimated to their new home town quickly and easily.

boss's day candyFeed the boss - Besides a traditional lunch date at their favorite restaurant, also consider a "9-5 Survival Kit" featuring their favorite candies or junk food. Or how about a mug and gift certificate from Starbucks? A gift basket filled with gourmet foods, teas and coffees is also a nice idea for a group gift.

Still not sure? If your personal contact with the boss is limited, explain your dilemma to their administrative assistant or secretary. They will probably be glad to lend a hand with insider tips or ideas about giving your boss something they will truly appreciate.

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