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Flowers are an important part of many ceremonies, receptions and parties. For important events like weddings, your choice of flowers will set the tone for the entire day, and will let guests know your wedding theme and immediately signal how elegant or casual the event is going to be.

Since flowers are so important to a wedding and reception, take enough time beforehand to carefully plan the floral decorations.

Before you even decide on the types of flowers to choose, consider the time of year and whether or not your favorite flower is in season. Depending on your location, this will generally dictate the availability of a particular flower and its cost.

Tulips and other flowering bulbs, for example, may be more abundant in spring. Peonies, hydrangeas, carnations and daisies are more likely in season for a June wedding.

For a fall wedding, consider the abundance chrysanthemums, freesias and other autumn flowers which come to market during the cooler months. Otherwise, if you're looking for a fail-safe option, always consider roses or orchids which due to their overwhelming popularity are most often available year round

flower bouquetExperts also advise that you have a clear idea of what you want before you approach a florist to make it easy for both of you to decide your likes and dislikes. Be sure to have photos or illustrations (you can grab these off the Internet or from magazines) readily available to discuss your choice of colors and theme with your florist, who will be happy to help further discuss alternatives or better options you may not have considered.

Whether you're looking for floral decorations, flowers as centerpieces, or flowers to wear or carry down the aisle... these sites can help you decide on the floral arrangements and bouquets that will be perfect for your budget and your big event...

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