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What could be more exciting than touring a new home?

If you're one of the lucky ones who have been invited over to the housewarming party for a peak at their the new digs, you want to bring at least a token gift to wish the new homeowners well.

First, a word to the wise. Don't confuse your personal tastes with theirs, meaning steer clear of decorative pieces such as lamps, paintings, mantel clocks or vases.

Since the main point of a housewarming is to show off the new house or apartment, gifts are really not obligatory --so your choices can range from the simple to the elaborate.

A new twist on an old tradition

Traditional housewarming gifts of salt, bread and wine date back to European symbols of the good life: "salt, so that life always has flavor - bread, that the occupants may never know hunger - and wine to fill the house with joy."

traditional housewarming gifts of salt, bread and wine
Housewarming gifts of salt, bread
and wine represented Old World
symbols of happiness in a new home.

While now considered quaint, the sentiment certainly remains the same -- with lasting happiness in a new home the very best wish that can be bestowed on the new homeowner! So why not give a new twist to the old tradition by assembling a gift basket of table wines, fruit, gourmet baked goods, and cheeses?

Practical housewarming gifts

Especially for new homeowners just starting out, the ultimate in useful housewarming gifts are home repair or power tools stuffed inside a bright red toolbox.

Or, simply include the basics -- such as hammer and nails, screwdriver, wrench, faucet washers in various sizes, along with a tube of crazy glue when things start to fall apart (and don't forget the duct tape!)

For complete novices, also consider how-to books or a video series on home repairs and maintenance.

Meanwhile, if your favorite new homeowner has recently moved from a city apartment to a big suburban house then they probably know little about lawn maintenance or landscaping. Help them out with a gift basket filled with supplies such as gardening equipment, gloves, and gardening books (also see: gardener gift Ideas.)

Green, growing houseplants are always a popular gift for either home owners or apartment dwellers. and a phone call ahed -- to find out what the new kitchen lacks in terms of small appliances -- is a great way to make sure that your gift will be used. Kitche or bath towels make good housewarming presents, and you wouldn't be far off the mark buying the latest electronic gadgets for the new home office or den...

Or, stuff a large tote bag with simple items they can't do without — such as extra paper towels, laundry detergent and fabric softener, light bulbs, a flashlight and batteries, fuses, and an extra extension cord. For other hints, simply look around your kitchen or bathroom for anything else you think they may need or appreciate.

Otherwise, cash-strapped new homeowners wouldn't mind the idea of a gift card, especially with so much shopping to do at the local home decor store or gardening center. And they can pick out exactly what they want or need.

Yet another great housewarming gift is a gift certificate to a local restaurant, if only to give the new homeowners a stress-free night off to relax and get away from all that organizing and unpacking!

Finally, have fun at the party! And remember that whatever you give as a housewarming gift, you can guarantee that it will always be treasured by wrapping it in your sincere best wishes.

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