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Wedding, prom, or gala dinner?

Whatever formal occasion you are getting dressed for, makeup is a big part of your final look. Depending on the occasion it could be smokin' sexy, bold and colorful, or simple and elegant.

Hopefully, you've planned for the big night by eating right and hydrating for that healthy skin glow that never goes out of style and remains the basic foundation for all beauty.

First rule of thumb for applying prom or wedding makeup: Get dressed first, and then get ready fo your makeup session. If you're really rockin' that prom dress or bridal gown, the last thing you want is for your makeup to stain or smudge the dress.

Eyes or lips? Avoid an over-
glammed look by highlighting
only one feature, say beauty experts.

Waterproof makeup is usually a must-have for big occasions like proms and weddings, especially when you'll be out on the dance floor working up a sweat! (You'll also thank yourself later every time you take out the photos of the big night.)

Eyes or lips? Pick one.or the other to highlight. Otherwise, say the experts, you risk the chance of appearing overly made-up.

If you're looking to accent your lips, start with a lip liner first, then apply the lipstick. Lip gloss finishes the look, and will help keep your lips going all night. Bright and bold color is very popular for prom night, while weddings usually call for more subdued pinks or lustrous coral shades.

For eyes, prom night usually calls for that very popular smokey look, accented by fake eyelashes and a dash of glitter.

For brides, natural or neutral eye makeup shades are best. And, since it is probably going to be one big emotional day - don't forget the tear-proof eyeliner and smudge-proof mascara.

Days ahead, you'll want to experiment with different looks. Take the time to practice so when the day of the big event arrives you can confidently apply your makeup with little fuss. You'll also want head off any zits or blackheads with a deep cleansing.

Still not sure of your makeup skills? Book an appointment at a cosmetic counter where professional makeup artists are only too glad to apply their secrets to give you a stunning, glamorous look.

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