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Sleeping when you are tired, going out to the movies, or even indulging in a quiet romantic dinner with your spouse are only a few things that happen a lot less frequently after a baby is in the picture!

While the mom-to-be experiences is often more prepared for changes from the onset of pregnancy, the new dad is often blind-sided by all the tumult that can occur when a new baby arrives.

Although there is a tremendous amount of joy that a baby may bring to a couple, there are other emotions that come along for the ride. It is important to watch for symptoms of the "the baby blues", so that it is caught early on and doesn't get out of control.

And that's where friends and loved ones come in!

Lend a hand by paying attention to their needs, and making sure to help them whenever you can. Maybe you are on a tight budget, don't want to intrude, or don't know the best time to call or stop by. These are all valid concerns, but they should not hinder a kind offer of support.

Here are some gift ideas that might be especially thoughtful for helping new parents make the sometimes shaky transition to full-time parenthood:

Friday Feast - Ask them for they're eight favorite meal choices, whether they be home cooked or fast food, and whether they have any food allergies. Once you have the list, find friends that want to collaborate with you to provide the new parents with two months of Friday night dinners. Make sure to bring along plastic dishes, cups, and utensils. A free dinner is so much more enjoyable when it comes with a clean sink!

Baby-sitting - It might be that you don't know what this couple might enjoy doing out of the home, but you know they need some time from bottle feeding and diaper changing. Talk to the new parents and decide when it would be good for you to come over for a few hours and take care of the baby while they do whatever their hearts desire. Knowing their little one is safe makes it that much easier to relax.

Give Them a Night Out on the Town - Are the new parents movie buffs? Give them a theater pass or gift certificate for ten movie tickets. Have they longed to see a musical or a play? Are they into sports and would really love to see a particular home game? If money is no object, foot the bill yourself - or arrange to have other friends or loved ones chip in together.

Free Cleaning - Maybe you are a cleaning wiz! I don't know of any new mom or dad that wouldn't appreciate help with the housework as they attend to a brand new infant. Offer to do a chore a week for one month. Let the chore be their choosing or yours. Either way it is one less thing for new parents to fret about as they care for their brand new precious bundle.

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