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prom decorationsNo matter who you are going with, or what prom dress you choose, on prom night your hair is going to be your crowning glory.

Little wonder then that so many prom night goers put their hair on the top of the list of to-do's to be at their most alluring.

Besides, prom hair is always a big part of the fun!

Here are some simple tips from expert hairdressers with ideas for different types of prom hairstyles to match your dress, along with related advice on current summer hairstyles and hair accessories to help you really shine on prom night:

It's all about proportion

long prom hairstyleprom updoAlthough it's tempting to go all out on prom night, striking the proper balance between your dress style and hairstyle is always a good idea.

Wearing your hair up off the neck goes especially well with prom dresses with extra material around the back and shoulders (or if you accessorize with a heavy necklace or earrings.)

Wearing your hair down looks best with prom dresses that are backless or strapless or those with an open neckline.

To achieve the proper balance with a prom dress that's wide at the bottom, remember to add extra volume to your do. By the same token, short prom hairstyles look best with slim dresses featuring classic lines and tailoring.

Hairstyle and face shape

To get away with any prom hairstyle, the oval face is considered ideal - but not everyone has one! So along with a do that complements your dress, it's also important to consider matching your hairstyle and face shape.

Again, proportion is key. If your face is round a sweeping updo looks best by creating the illusion of length. The opposite is true with heart-shaped faces (full forehead and small chin) which usually calls for wispy bangs on top and fullness of hair around the face to achieve balance. For square or rectangular shaped faces, use flowing curls around your face to help soften it.

Prom night hair accessories

If you want to complement your beautiful prom hair with a bejeweled tiara, hair pin, or comb, choose accessories that firmly grip but won't damage your fine do. Medium-to-thick hair benefits from larger pieces such as barrettes, and larger clips. Shorter hairstyles look best with smaller accent pieces.

For wildly curly or unmanageable hair, several pieces may be in order. In that case, remember that smaller barrettes go in the front, with larger ones placed to the back.

Finally, to help keep your special look, always make sure that hair accessories are carefully attached so even if you're moving to the beat around the dance floor - your hair will always look at its best on the most memorable school night of the year.

Have fun!

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