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children boarding a school busSchool bus drivers are some of the hardest working people around. They are a child's first connection with school every day.

But that's only a couple of reasons why school bus drivers are celebrated on School Bus Drivers Day every year on May 2.

Maintaining a cheerful countenance while moderating more children than are in a classroom, along with watching the road, and anticipating the next move of all the other cars on it -- can be a tall order to fill.

How should we say thank you?

Besides expressing appreciation for their patience and expert driving skills, most schools observe bus driver appreciation week, usually observed in May, which gives teachers and other school staff an opportunity to show their gratitude.

Meanwhile, grateful parents also participate in the celebration with gifts to their favorite bus driver for always keeping their kids safe and sound throughout the school year.

If you're not sure what a bus driver might appreciate, here's a list of things most mentioned by school bus drivers, both male and female, as the top most thoughtful gifts they have received from kids and parents:

  • A nicely decorated lap throw for those chilly mornings.

  • A seat cover to keep the seat warm.

  • Travel-size hand sanitizers

  • A gift card to a favorite store

  • A "goodie bag" filled with chips, candy bars, or other favorite snack foods.

  • Finally, almost any bus driver loves cards made by the students — not to mention homemade goodies like cookies or brownies!


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