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Secret Santa

There's nothing better than a Secret Santa gift exchange for recreating all the surprise and wonder of Christmas morning.

Around the holidays, this party theme is a favorite for company Christmas parties or among large groups of friends or family whose names are written down on slips of paper and thrown into a hat. As each person draws a name, that's who they will be secretly buying a gift for.

How much to spend? Traditionally, a price cap is set and mutually agreed upon when the Secret Santa names are drawn. Next comes the hunt for the perfect gift!

Avoid gifts like clothing or jewelry unless you're very sure of their personal tastes. Also make sure of any strict dietary restrictions before buying your Secret Santa giftee chocolates or other sweet treats.

If you know them well, buying a Secret Santa gift should be cinch, but if not, ask their closest friends for helpful tips.

Are they into gardening? Shop around for houseplants so popular nowadays like lucky bamboo or orchid plant, or browse a local bookstore or garden center for a book on general gardening tips.

gourmet tea gift basket
Gift baskets can be customized
for Secret Santa gifts to give
to friends, coworkers or loved
ones, whatever their interests.

f they're a huge sports fan, keep it affordable by giving gifts like a sweatshirt with their favorite team's logo. For avid golfers, think about a new set of golf tees, or fill up a fanny pack with sunscreen, granola bars and other snacks for a great jogger gift.

Of course, homemade gift baskets can be tailored to anyone's interests and, with a little imagination, can also be easy on the budget.

For wine lovers, a gift basket that includes an affordable bottle of domestic vino and a holiday wine glass set makes for a wonderful gift. For the aspiring gourmet, a gift basket filled with herbs and spices, a new pot holder, measuring cups, mixing bowls, and other cooking essentials is another especially thoughtful gesture

As always, a genuine interest in their interests, hobbies or passions will almost guarantee to put a smile on the face of a grateful recipient, and will insure your reputation as the holiday season's best Secret Santa.

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