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Sports equipment

There are so many things to buy for the sports fans in your life that it might get a little confusing knowing just what to pick! Bottom line: start with your budget and then go from there.

Cheaper sports paraphernalia can range from bobbleheads to keychains and coffee mugs to calendars, but check these great ideas for that special sports gift every fan will appreciate:

Three words: sports magazine subscription. Probably the easiest gift you can give, and they will think of your thoughtfulness every time another edition arrives in the mail.

Another easy purchase? That would be a gift card from a local sporting goods or large department store that carries a full line of sports equipment and accessories. You can't go wrong with a gift that your favorite sports fanatic can pick out themselves!

For a more personal gift, check out t-shirts or sweatshirts emblazoned with their favorite team logo. While your at the sporting good store, or online, also keep your eye out for workout clothes, running shoes, knee and elbow pads, gloves, hats or other protective gear for weekend warriors.

A sports magazine subscription is
the gift that keeps on giving.


Know a NASCAR fan? Fear not - there's an entire industry built up around racing merchandise ranging from bottle openers, keychains, cufflinks and calendars -- to complete DVD guides to NASCAR history. The ultimate NASCAR gift? Earn their eternal gratitude with the gift of two tickets to the Daytona 500.

Head for the video store and purchase a copy of that sports movie they're always raving about whenever it comes on TV. Top classic picks might include Cinderella Man, The Blind Side, Bull Durham, Raging Bull, Field of Dreams, White Men Can't Jump, or a hundred other titles they might like.

For winter sports fans, think outside the box and purchase a new pair of electric socks, a heavy duty scarf, or earmuffs for the snowboarders or skiers on your list. For football fans especially, consider tailgating party gear, barbecue equipment, OR how about the latest NFL cheerleaders calendar?

Whether their sport is baseball, football, basketball or hockey, think ahead and plan on buying tickets to their favorite sporting events. Depending on your budget, a full season pass is top of the line, so consider asking a few friends to chip in for it as a group gift.

Are they into collectibles or sports memorabilia? Check the Web for information on auctions and collections, or browse their favorite sports team site for items of particular interest you know they'll love.

For couch potatoes, a universal remote will be highly appreciated or, again, depending on your budget -- consider a new recliner, a hi-def flatscreen TV, or a subscription to their favorite premium sports channel.


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