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Surprise him with a gift he really wants

Whether it's for a birthday, Father's Day, anniversary or holiday gift, the challenge of what to get your husband usually poses the question, "What can I give him that I haven't already before?"

Here are a few suggestions and tips for keeping it fresh, new, and memorable at any time of year, along with advice on what to avoid...

What NOT to get: Unless you know he wants or needs a specific power tool, you're usually better off letting your weekend do-it-yourselfer pick out his own (or how about giving a gift card to the local hardware store or Home Depot so he can pick one out himself?).

A gym membership? Again, unless he's expressed an interest in getting back into shape, this gift might misfire as a hint that he's no longer the perfect dreamboat you married. Also, try to avoid funny gag gifts around milestone birthdays. Although they'll never admit it, men are just as sensitive about their age as women are!

Toys for Boys: Men are natural tinkerers and love to know how things work. Electric train sets, motorized car toys, or even a transparent wind up clock showing its inner workings brings out the inner child in most men. For the history buff, think about replica wind-up mechanical toys. For the computer geek, check out the latest USB powered gizmo he can show off to his friends.

Macho Gift Baskets: Another hot trend in gifts for men are gift "baskets". Opt for something manly like a duffel bag that includes small items like golf balls or tees for the sports nut, or fill up an aluminum pan with barbecue cookbooks, spices and an apron for the weekend cook.

For the serious fixer-upper, buy a red tool box and include different sizes of nails, screws, faucet washers and extension cords, or anything else he can't get at 9PM when all the hardware stores are closed.

Get Away from It All: This one's for the both of you, but gear it toward a special vacation to one of his favorite destinations. Whether it's a fishing trip, a ski resort or a romantic week in Hawaii, just keep it within budget — even if it's a inexpensive weekend getaway.

If that's not possible, how about hiring a babysitter for a quiet dinner at home? Make all his favorite dishes and desserts. Then ice up the champagne, turn down the lights, and let his gift be a romantic night alone with you.

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