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Sleep-overs have always been a popular party idea for both kids and teens.

Whether it's a backyard camp out, or sleeping bags on the playroom floor, there's a special feeling to sharing late night laughs that makes for a great social gathering.

Slumber party planning & activities

Typical slumber party activities include traditional pillow fights, a hair brushing session, makeup demos, practicing the latest dance steps, a karaoke contest, or even a scary movie marathon!

Be sure to have plenty of easy-serve food (a pizza party is best) along with a fun breakfast menu planned for the following morning (think pancakes and waffles). Also consider having an extra morning supplies of combs, brushes and toothbrushes on hand in case any of your young guests forgets to bring them!

If you're planning for very young guests, always include an option for last minute changes. Staying away from mommy for a night may be exciting in theory, but the reality may be more than some kids can handle.

For the boys, sleepovers become popular around beginning around middle school. Marathon video game championships are always a very popular party activity for boys in this age group, along with camping out in the backyard -- or both!

If you are planning for tweens or teens, make sure to chaperone. An occasional entry into the 'inner sactum" to deliver snacks can let you keep an eye on young adults while respecting their need for independence.

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