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Easy butterbeer recipe

 • 8oz ginger ale or cream soda 
• 2 tbps. of butterscotch syrup

1. Mix in a tall glass or small
mug and serve over ice.

Whatever your idea of a great Harry Potter party ... whether you're celebrating a book or movie release party, or birthday ...these recipes for the foods and drinks that Harry and his Hogwarts friends enjoy will add a special zing to the festivities.

Discover all sorts of recipes for foods like dragon eggs and Dragonheart Dip -- along with licorice wands, cauldron cakes, butterbeer (see the recipe, right!) and plenty of dragon snot (lemon-lime soda with a scoop of lime sherbet.)

Around the Web, find complete collections of Harry Potter recipes at top sites featuring complete ingredients and instructions. They're easy to make and lots of fun to serve and eat. Your own Hogwarts' party table will win you the House Cup for these goodies...

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Food and Drink in the Potter Universe - The classic essay at the Harry Potter Lexicon with a discussion on school & home favorites as discussed in the books. No recipes, but a good jumping off point for creating your own ...

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