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Wizard cupcake recipe
Easy Harry Potter party
with frosting-
coated ice cream cones.

With regular showings of Harry Potter movie marathons in theaters or TV, fans around the world gather for parties to celebrate!

But Harry Potter parties are fun any time of year ... for Halloween or even for grown-up get-togethers...yes, adults are big fans of the Boy Wizard, too

Be sure to send out invitations weeks in advance so your guests will have enough time to plan to attend. Purchase Harry Potter invites -- or create your own, using Harry Potter clip art with headlines that read: "We're mixing up a potion for fun!" or "It's Open House at Hogwart's!" -- including date, time and RSVP details.

Whether it's for a casual get-together or a full-blown Harry Potter costume ball, the decorations for your party can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. The easiest way to set the mood, is to bring out the old Halloween decorations - with the emphasis on witches, owls and broomsticks!

Throw a few magic tricks, a game of Quidditch, a Harry Potter trivia marathon, favorite Harry Potter recipes, and a few cauldrons of butterbeer and other magically delicious drinks - and you'll have all the makings of a great party that will be enjoyed by Muggles of all ages.

Door prize! Guess how many Bertie Botts jelly beans are in the jar.

Also remember to include Harry Potter party games that will make your celebration magically fun, and extra memorable.

Been invited to a Harry Potter birthday celebration? Also check out tips for giving Harry Potter gifts that will be the hit of the party.

Have fun!

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