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Welcome to Hogwarts. School is now in session!
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Harry Potter Family Trees

Harry Potter Weasley family tree
Family trees have played a large role in the Harry Potter series. The Death Eaters were focused on magical ancestors. Remember the Black family tree with disgraced members of the family erased? Potter fans now have a Weasley family tree courtesy of JKR that may be the basis of another book sometime in the future...

Harry Potter Virtual Film Location Tour

Harry Potter Travel Tours
For Harry Potter fans and their families, arranged travel tours are attracting those with a special interest in Harry Potter film locations at castles, cathedrals, abbeys....and, of course, railroads! Here's a virtual taste of what real travels await...

Harry Potter Recipes

Harry Potter RecipesYou'll find all sorts of easy to make recipes for Harry's favorite foods like Dragon Eggs and Dragonheart Dip Appetizer, Licorice Wands Dessert, Cauldron Cakes and Dragon Snot Drink and Snape's Red Potion to drink! Your own Hogwarts' party table will win you the House Cup for these goodies...

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