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Harry Potter costumeKeeping tabs on the popularity of the Harry Potter craze online costume shops have been providing eager fans with costumes and Harry Potter party supplies for over a decade now.

Whether celebrating a new book chronicling the Harry Potter saga, or a splashy opening of a new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter fans can always rely on quickly finding affordable costumes at top cyber costume shops online.

However, if you can't magically conjure the extra cash for paying for costumes, it only takes a little imagination to create your own Harry Potter character the cheap and easy way.

For example, get-ups can be as simple as a black graduation robe over white collared shirt, and a tie -- to dress up as the Boy Wizard. And don't forget the lightning bolt scar and Harry Potter glasses! Making a wand for Harry or Hermione can be as simple as taking a small tree branch and sanding it down to the desired shape.

There are tons more fun and easy ideas around the Web, including where to find printable Hogwarts badges, and related do it yourself tips and instructions for making Gryffindor robes, wizard hats and Gryffindor school scarves.

Have fun!

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Make Your Own Magical Wizards Hat & Wand - From the archived BBC site, with easy, fun instructions and photos for a Halloween craft in keeping with the Harry Potter theme.

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