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do it yourself pizza costume
DIY slice of pizza costume

Every year it's the same old horror story.

You want to have a monster celebration for Halloween but then you suddenly find the price tag is downright, well ... scary!

But, fear not. Here are the best how-to's and do-it-yourself advice we've found for Halloween costume ideas, makeup tips, and helpful guides for creating kids, pet and adult costumes that are custom-made to fit yourself or your favorite boy or ghoul.

And this year, back by popular demand, we've returned with our special Web guide on how to make your own Joker costume, a homemade 300 costume along with tips on do-it-yourself Iron Man costumes. (And for those late to the party — also check out a few tips on easy last minute Halloween costume ideas.)

There are also Halloween costume ideas for baby, Halloween costumes for dogs & cats or - if you're into a complete do-it-yourself party - check out the Halloween Party Pack for money saving tips and tools for costumes, decorations, and party games to amuse your human (or almost human) friends and family.

Have fun!

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More about DIY Halloween costumes around the Web:

(Halloween) Costume Page - Another mega-directory of homemade costume instructions with links to perennial favorites including pirate, Star Wars, Renaissance, Batman, Elvis, Spiderman, with makeup tips and application advice.

DH2 Costume & Prop Building - Step-by-step instructions to the perfect Star Wars costume complete with materials lists and photos for Stormtrooper, Interregator Droid, and that must-have accessory...the Full Metal Blaster. Prepare to spend hours.

Last Minute Costume Ideas

A last minute invitation with no time to get yourself ready? Deck yourself out in purple balloons (a bunch of grapes), wrap yourself in toilet paper (mummy), aluminum foil (robot) or — go last minute hot and sexy — in your pajamas, and ask that special someone to read you a bedtime story!

Also check out these quick last minute costume ideas

65 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make in a Flash - Truly last minute, from the obvious to the wacky.

50 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas - Check out this list with dozens of ideas for clever costumes made with stuff you probably already have.

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