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dog costume ideaScared silly by the prices of costumes at your local pet store?

Sometimes it just pays to do it yourself, especially if you want a costume that matches yours, or have a special idea for Kitty or Fido this Halloween.

The secret to quick and easy pet costumes is simply using an old football jersey or t-shirt (for large dogs) and letting your imagination run wild. Just add something to it! - like a superhero cape, angel's wings, spider legs, giraffe spots, a witch's hat, or tiger stripes - made of felt, colored paper or cardboard.

Little hoodies also work great! Red for Little Red Riding Hood, green for a dinosaur (cut up green kitchen sponges into triangles and attach with fabric glue down the middle for "spikes") or try a blue hoodie and add a gold chain for that "gangsta dog" look.

dog costume tie
Instant execu-hound....

The frayed surgical bandage wrap trick is also great for a Mummy cat or dog (talk about scary!) just make sure you leave room around the face and other strategic areas to let them do their "business" as they party hardy on Halloween.

Small dogs are probably the easiest to dress, especially if they are already accustomed to wearing doggie sweaters or winter gear. Or, try adapting homemade baby costumes to your toy poodle, pet dog or cat.

If you're really crafty, you'll also find instructions for even more elaborate cute & cuddly homemade costumes for your favorite pet all around the Web. Just up ahead. check out more great ideas and expert tips found in pet photo galleries and blog posts.

Have fun!

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