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kids dinosaur costume
Make a toddler dinosaur costume
from a green hoodie. Make kitchen
sponge cutouts for the spikes and
attach them with fabric glue.

What's cuter than your favorite cute baby - all dressed up for Halloween!

Not prepared to spend $50-plus for one of those high-end "signature collection" baby costumes? Do it yourself by taking an inventory of what's on hand — and get creative.

Pajamas, hoodies, sweatshirts or T's are the beginnings of great homemade baby Halloween getups. Here are only a few ideas:

  • Find an old hooded sweatshirt and glue or sew on "ears" to deck out baby as their favorite animal or cartoon character. Use fabric paint on the sweatshirt to create spots or stripes.

  • Take a basic black T, add moons and stars with stickers or fabric paint, then add a cone shaped party hat to conjure up a little witch or wizard costume.

  • Show off your little angel by starting with a white t-shirt and sewing on fabric wings to the back. Add finishing touches with a gold ribbon sash around the waist and a gold headband for the halo.

mouse costumeLittle Mouse Costume frog costumeLittle Frog Costume lady bug costumeLittle Ladybug Costume
crayon costumeCrayon Costume black cat costumeBlack Cat Costume lamb costumeBaby Lamb Costume
  • One of dad's old shirts, complete with tie and face paint mustache, turns your toddler into the cutest exec on the block.

  • An old sheet or even a large pillowcase with holes for arms and a face is an old standby — Casper, the friendly ghost, is always cute! Eyeholes don't work well with the tiniest ghosts, the "costume" tends to move covering baby's eyes. A big hole for the entire face works better.

Have a few toddlers and you're completely stuck for time? Try these last minute kids costume ideas, and remember there's no limit to what you can do with non-toxic face painting ideas to transform your little ones into flowers, butterflies, lions or tigers.

Have fun!

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