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A favorite for holiday giving,
the Hogwarts scarf.

From an obscure book written by fledgling author J.K. Rowling in 1997, the Harry Potter series became a natural for a movie franchise.

That eventually grew into a merchandising bonanza aimed at rabid Harry Potter fans worldwide. Today, even if you've never read a Harry Potter book, you probably know someone who has.

In fact, fans don't merely like the series. They're obsessed with the bespectacled hero and other Harry Potter characters connected to the continuing tale.

The good news? Shopping for any Harry Potter fan on your gift list can be magically easy. Whether they're tweens, teens or adult fans, you can choose from an array of items ranging from inexpensive Harry Potter coffee mugs to round-trip tickets to Harry Potter movie locations.

Here are a few more gift ideas for Harry Potter fans of every stripe, and in a variety of price ranges:

The "Lucky 7" list of Harry Potter gift ideas

1. Harry Potter gift basket - Buy a plastic cauldron or witch's hat to fill up with Harry Potter books, DVD movies, stickers, trading cards, coffee mug, calendar, T-shirt, or whatever else your favorite Harry Potter fan might enjoy.

2. Harry Potter school supplies - Beyond the bookmarks and pen sets, also look for special edition lunch boxes, day planners, journals and stationery.

3. Harry Potter clothing - Besides a full line of Harry Potter costumes, don't forget everyday wear such as Harry Potter hoodies, beanie caps, dress shirts, T-shirts, ties and scarves. Search the Web for online stores brimming with merchandise.

The ultimate gift : Round-trip tickets
to Harry Potter movie locations.

4. Harry Potter science kits - Anyone interested in the magic of science will flip for Harry Potter themed science projects, including how to's for making invisible ink, spells and potions, or conducting optical illusions and even physics projects.

5. Harry Potter jewelry - Keep your Harry Potter fan fashionable with necklaces, Hermione's famous Yule Ball earrings, or her Time Turner pendant. For the guys, surf around for online retailers that also sell handsome guy jewelry like Hogwart's house rings and school pins.

6. Harry Potter collectibles - If you know a serious collector of Harry Potter merchandise, EBay is a major Online destination for finding rare Harry Potter collectibles and memorabilia. Just be sure you read the ratings and reviews before sending money to a possible fly-by-night seller. TIP: Check Amazon for expert guides to Harry Potter collectibles along with tips on where to find rare items.

7. Harry Potter travel destinations - If you have "sirius" money to spend (or want to give a group gift to your avid Harry Potter fan) consider round-trip tickets to a popular Harry Potter movie location. In the UK, that includes a stop at magical Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station. Or, send them on a day trip to Gloucester Cathedral which sets the scene for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. In the US, of course, there's also The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Orlando which continues to cast its spell on fans worldwide.

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