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Illinois teen party location guideAs most parents know - teens love a party! - especially when it's in their honor. Whether for graduation, a special Sweet 16 celebration, or other milestone event, party planning is key to ensure a good time is had by all.

To begin, grab a pencil and paper and start organizing all the details that go into planning for the big day. The first order of business should be a an approximate number of guests. Only then can you go searching for a venue that will be large enough to hold invitees along with room for socializing...and dancing. This is a teen party, after all!

Overall, parents should take into consideration what their teen wants and work in a spirit of cooperation with a young adult who wants to impress friends and take at least partial credit for arranging all the details. Get them involved, and it will go a long way in teaching them the art of organization, planning, and social skills so important at this age.

Begin your search by comparing convenient locations at affordable prices, or ask neighbors for details and first-hand reviews of venues they have chosen and enjoyed with their teens. When shopping around for a venue, be sure to ask about a party package, such as arranging for party flowers and decorations or, if a live band or DJ is within budget, also ask if they can help you recommend and book entertainment.

All this should happen at least several monthsbeforehand, say the experts, to leave enough time to set a date, secure the location, and send out invitations.

Nowadays, arrangements are as easy as picking up the phone or surfing the Web (see below) to find top party places from Chicago to Rockford, from Springfield to Peoria - all offering a rockin' teen celebration that will make all the planning (and that's half the fun!) well worth it.

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