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Black History MonthFebruary is Black History Month and teachers in all schools are given the opportunity to enhance the understanding of the role of African Americans in helping to build America.

The rich cultural heritage of black Americans combines strands from all of the paths that led to today's tapestry of music, art and literature emerging from the black community.

Jazz, blues, hip hop and other musical styles all have their roots in the history of people of color in the United States. African and Caribbean influences flavor not only the art we enjoy, but add to the foods we set on our tables. Learning more about the roots of black history adds to the understanding of all history.

These resources offer good ideas to help make black history live in your classroom ...

More Resources for Black History Month

Famous African-Americans | Black History Poems

Black History Resources

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More about black history lesson plans and worksheets around the Web:

Curriculum Article - Black History on the Internet - The intro to the article on Education World says it all, "Explore the best Black History sites for primary, middle, and high school level students. Activity and lesson ideas included!" Ideas for classroom activities are backed up by a long list of online resources to make your lesson planning a breeze.

Design a Postage Stamp for Black History Month - Here's a well designed art lesson that incorporates resources for research into black history to pick the subject of the stamp as well as the artistic skills that are needed to put the design on paper.

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