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The days leading up to big day can be even more exciting than Christmas itself.

This year, mark your calendars for Sunday, December 1, 2024 for the start of another happy Advent season!

Of course, what would Advent be without an Advent calendar to mark the exciting countdown to Christmas!

Advent calendars have their roots in 19th century Germany, with the first commercially produced Advent calendar appearing in 1908.

Today, the modern tradition merrily continues online, with interactive calendars leading to holiday quotes, inspiration, or online Christmas surprises.

Just up ahead, check out our very own December calendar -- starring Santa himself! -- as kids take cotton balls to create Santa's beard in an annual countdown to Christmas!


Santa advent calendar
Instructions: use craft glue or adhesive tape to attach a cotton ball each day
to help grow Santa's beard in this year's December countdown to Christmas!

Click to view and print

DID YOU KNOW? Advent calendar fun facts & trivia

jelly donut
During the Christmas season, a town
hall in Germany transforms into
the world's largest advent calendar.

• The first advent calendars were carefully handcrafted, and it wasn't until 1908 before the first commercial version of an advent calendar appeared. The set included a card and 24 illustrations that could be glued for each day leading up to Christmas.

• Today, some calendars have up to 31 or 32 windows to countdown to New Years Day.

• The German town of Gengenbach boasts a storybook 18th century town hall that has 24 windows facing the main square. During the Christmas season the building is transformed into what the town claims is the world’s largest advent calendar.

• It was a very happy Christmas for candy lovers in the UK when the first advent calendars containing chocolate were first introduced by Cadbury in 1958.

More about advent calendars around the Web:

Advent calendars first started in 19th century Germany, but today the easiest way for keeping holiday suspense alive throughout the season is to find digital versions around the Web.

Have fun...and happy holidays!

Advent Calendars - The History of a Christmas Tradition
- Be sure to also check out the virtual museum or buy an historic reprint of the classic advent calendar online.

My Advent - Upload personal photos and captions to create your very own customizable advent calendar to share with friends and family online.


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