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Easter lily careA pure and beautiful harbinger of spring -- and a deeply religious symbol during the holidays -- Easter lilies are a special type of potted white lily.

The Latin name for them is Lilium longiflorum. Most lilies bloom in the summer and even with special care it is difficult to get them to flower at Easter. The white trumpet lily naturally blooms early which makes them the perfect choice for Easter flowers. Since they were introduced to the United States early in the 1900's, they have come to be the traditional flower used for decorations in homes and churches during the holiday season.

NOTE: Like most lilies, your Easter lily is not pet friendly! Cats are especially prone to kidney failure from eating the leaves, or from lily pollen that they come in contact with. So if you have an animal companion that likes to eat plants, it's good to keep Easter lilies out of reach.

Caring for Easter lilies

If you remember that they are spring, plants, caring for your Easter lily is simplicity itself. Just keep them in a cool place away from heaters, radiators, and direct sunlight. Water it generously once a day. Your prize Easter lily will last up to two weeks without much further fuss.

PRO TIP: pinch off the anthers from the center (that contain the orange pollen) to keep blooms from fading too fast.

Make your Easter lily last by keeping them in a cool area, away from dry heat and direct sunlight.

Planting Easter lilies in the garden

Once your Easter lily stop blooming, bulbs can be planted in your own garden for a spectacular display next year.

Step 1. After Easter has come and gone, and the blooms are discarded, put the plant in direct sunlight. Like many plants in the bulb family, lily leaves need to soak up the sun to generate next year's growth.

Step 2. Once the leaves begin to yellow, cut them off and discard them but save the bulbs, which are now 'fully-charged' and ready for storage.

Step 2. Store bulbs in a cool, dry place (the fridge, or an unheated garage will do). This will help simulate artificial winter, when roots begin to grow in readiness for spring growth.

Step 3. In late winter, choose a sunny, well-drained spot. Plant bulbs two inches deeper than the length of the bulb. This will help them stand sturdy as they grow. By spring, buds will begin to form followed by glorious Easter lily blooms by late spring!

Easter lily history & folklore

Christ walked the earth all of the flowers bowed before Him - except the proud lily. After the Crucifixion, the lily bowed its head in sorrow and shame and grows that way still.

The lily's large trumpet-shaped white flowers stand for purity, virtue and innocence and are often associated with the Virgin Mary. Early blooming Easter Lilies are a spectacular symbol of hope and the rebirth that comes with spring.

What better symbol could you choose to show the spiritual essence of Easter?

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