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Having a hard time coming up with creative ways to tell dad how much he means to you and your family on Father's Day?

Craft ideas are perfect for making a special gift that will make any Dad smile. Here's a quick and creative idea that can be presented to him as a special greeting or to use as a party decoration:

"King" Dad

Easy Father's Day craft ideasWhat you'll need:
1 white paper plate
colored markers

1. Color in the center and sides of the plate using your two favorite colors (we used orange and yellow.)
2. To make the lion face, draw two circles for the eyes and an upside-down triangle for the nose. Next, draw a straight line down from the center of the nose, and add two U-shapes to make the mouth.
3. Finish your Father's Day craft project by writing in a special headline, such as "King for a Day!" or "Dad Rules!"

No. 1 Dad Pennant

father's day craft dad pennantThis special Father’s Day pennant for his dad can be made out of paper, cardboard, foam or felt, and decorated in any way you like!

1. Pick any material and cut it into a sports pennant-shaped triangle.

2. Decorate with colored markers or crayons, or cut out letters that read “No. 1 Dad” and secure
them to the pennant with craft glue.

Rock Paperweight

Dad will love displaying this paperweight at home or at his desk at work.

fathers day craft paperweightWhat you’ll need:
A smooth oval shaped stone or rock Watercolor or acrylic paints
Newspaper or paper towels

1. Be sure to wash your rock and let it dry completely before you begin.
2. Lay out newspaper or paper towels to protect your work area,
3. Use paint and brushes to paint your rock a solid color. Once the paint dries, add a design
(stripes, polka dots, or squiggle lines). Allow this second coat of paint to also dry completely.
4. Finally, use dark paint to write your message, such as “Dad U Rock!” or “No. 1 Dad.”

Don't miss out on more of our top ten Father's Day craft projects that are just as fun and easy to make for Dad this Father's Day and, just up ahead, more ideas for creating homemade gifts for dads, grandfathers, uncles, and all the other special men in your life.

Whether you're looking for preschool craft ideas or grown up do-it-yourself projects, these sites should help you put plenty of love into the gifts you give this Father's Day no matter what your budget...

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