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Happy Fathers DayHow important are fathers?

Thousands of words have been written about them -- in biographies, remiscences, and fiction novels that still live in our hearts. Here are just a few of our top picks, along with related resources around the web:

Best Seat in the House: 18 Golden Lessons from a Father to His Son

by Jack Nicklaus II

The son of golf great Jack Nicklaus pays tribute to his famous dad with stories of lessons learned not only in the sport, but in life, as he sees the golf champ on the links treating competitors with respect, and at home treasuring his wife and family above everything. In all, it's an outstanding assessment of why good dads, famous or not, matter.


Sh*t My Dad Says

by Justin Halpern

Twitter followers will remember the hilarious tweets from 28-year-old Justin Halpern, who recorded his father's musings verbatim which soon gained a mass following online. Now in memoir form, the relationship between dad ("like Socrates, but angrier, and with worse hair") and his son always rings true.


The Bench

by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, Christian Robinson (Illustrator)

Here's an inspiring book by Meghan Markle who definitely has had her share of much-publicized father issues. But in this heartwarming book, Markle forges a new path for herself by inspire her new husband, Prince Harry, with tales of how fathers and sons form lasting connections, and a mother's peace at watching it happen.

To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

America's iconic literary dad, Atticus Finch, fights for justice in the courtroom as he watches over his kids, teaching them valued lessons about empathy and kindness. Told from the point of view of daughter Scout, who acts as the narrator, it is through her eyes that Atticus shines as an example of timeless wisdom and compassion.


God Has Smiled on Me: A Tribute to a Black Father Who Stayed and a Tribute to All Black Fathers Who Stay

by Daniel Whyte III

Daniel Whyte III's father, Rev. Daniel White, Jr., was no saint to be sure but his family meant everything to him. And, as the title says, his most admirable quality was that he stayed -- through thick and thin.

More Father's Day tributes around the web:

Just up ahead, check out more about fathers and the influence they had on the lives of their children.

Many were written to honor the memory of fathers who had died as an expression of gratitude for the love, lessons and gifts that fathers give their children.

On Father's Day, or any day, remembering the special men who help to shape a child's world - and create a model to build an adult life on - is inspiring and heart warming...


Lessons from My Father
- "The most important life lessons I learned are ones that my father never actively tried to teach me. He simply lived them." A simple story of a man who was never a failure in the eyes of his son.

Honor Thy Father: A Tribute to My Father, Joseph P. Gomer - One of the Tuskegee Airman, Joseph P. Gomer was an inspiration to many. This is a tribute to his life and values by his daughter.


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