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What's the party without the games?

Especially at Halloween -- when fun among a group of friends is the No. 1 objective for hosting a memorable scare-fest.

Whether you are dunking for apples, telling scary stories, or playing a round of Halloween trivia, there's nothing quite like a fun activity to help everyone chill out and have fun..... and don't forget the camera!

bobbing for applesBobbing for Apples

For one of the most popular and traditional of Halloween games, first fill a tub with water and float apples on top. Instruct party guests that they must try to grab an apple with their teeth (hint: choose a soft variety of apples, like Macintosh, that are easier to bite into.) Variations on the game include hiding a small coin as a prize, or having two or more players bob at the same time with the first to retrieve an apple declared the winner.

Pass the Pumpkin

A bit like 'musical chairs' but instead guests have to pass a pumpkin to one another as spooky music plays in the background. When the music stops, the guest holding the pumpkin is out of the game! If using a real pumpkin, remove the stem before play begins to avoid a "passing" injury!

Candied Apple Eating Competition

pumpkin printoutMore fun than a barrel of apples! First, have several candied apples ready for guests. Have them pair-up into teams. One team member must stand behind the other, acting as their 'arms' to feed the candied apple to their partner. The first team to gobble up the entire candied apple is the winner.

Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin

This is similar to pin the tail on the donkey. Just replace the donkey with a pumpkin, then instruct blindfolded players that they must find where to pin the jack-o-lantern's nose! Print out the pin the nose on the pumpkin graphic, and let the Halloween games begin....

Halloween Trivia Game - Q & A

Love trivia? Quiz your party guests about how much they know about Halloween (just make sure you have a bag of Halloween treats to give to the winner who has the most correct answers.)

1. According to folklore, if you see a spider on Halloween it means:
a) bad luck all day
b) the spirit of a loved one is watching over you
c) you will meet the person of your dreams

2. Halloween is the most popular holiday worldwide.
True or false?

3. In the United States, how much is spent on Halloween candy each year?
a) $230 million
b) $500 million
c) $2 billion

jack-o-lantern4. From what country did the custom of jack-o-lanterns originate?
a) China
b) Canada
c) Ireland

5. When someone has an irrational fear of Halloween they are said to be suffering from:
a) samhainophobia
b) wiccaphobia
c) phasmophobia

6. What charity helps raise money for children on Halloween?
a) Toys for Tots
ravenc) Salvation Army

7. "The Raven" remains one of the spookiest poems ever written. Who wrote it?
a) Robert Louis Stevenson
b) Edgar Allan Poe
c) Charlotte Bronte

8. Werewolves are said to come out at...
a) midnight
b) the last night of October
c) during a full moon
9. One of the main stars of the Hollywood movie 'Ghostbusters" also co-wrote the script. Who was it?
a) Dan Akroyd
b) Harold Ramis
c) Bill Murray

10. When is National Candy Corn Day celebrated?
a) October 29
b) October 30
c) October 31

Halloween trivia and fun facts ANSWER KEY:

1: b, 2: False (Christmas is the most popular holiday, although Halloween is a close second), 3: c 4: c 5: a (Wiccaphobia is an irrational fear of witches. Phasmophobia is an irrational fear of ghosts.) 6: b 7: b 8: c 9: a 10: b

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