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Happy National Coffee Day 2024!

happy national coffee dayCoffee lovers unite!

National Coffee Day is celebrated this year on Saturday, September 29, 2024 as caffeine connoisseurs come together in celebration of the nation's most beloved cuppa.

Whether you prefer latte, cappuccino, plain black, milk and sugar, or whips and toppings, there's probably a coffee shop or national chain that will perk you up with special deals in celebration!

Plus, just up ahead, hang out for more stimulating info about National Coffee Day along with fun facts and related resources:

2024 National Coffee Day freebies and deals

As usual, look for special deals and FREE coffee to celebrate the day at your favorite national chain, fast food joint, coffee shop or convenience store

Last year, Krispy Kreme offered free coffee to any customer purchasing a medium hot or iced coffee, no purchase necessary.

Starbucks customers who were feeling adventurous could also participate in free coffee tastings at select locations. Dunkin’ offered members of its loyalty program, Dunkin’ Rewards, a free medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase on the big day.

Not to be outdone, Circle K offered one free cup of coffee of any size through its app at more than 7,000 US locations. Even Wendy's offered free coffee with any purchase.

Meanwhile, keep a watch on your local coffee shops and diners to join in and be sure to keep it here for updates as announcements are made for National Coffee Day 2024.

All about National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day is only a recent phenomenon that had its beginnings in September 2009.

Since then, the day is widely celebrated from coast to coast with classic coffee quotes and humorous coffee memes on social media -- along with FREE COFFEE (see above) at major chains and convenience stores.

How to celebrate National Coffee Day

Besides online observances, visit your favorite brick-and-mortar neighborhood coffee shop that may be celebrating with a free cup to start off your day.

At national chains like Starbucks and Dunkin', mix it up by trying a cappuccino, latte, or a cold brew that may become your new favorites!

National Coffee Day is also perfect time to explore and appreciate different brewing techniques at home. Besides the currently popular cold brew (steeping fresh coffee grounds in water for 12 hours in the fridge) there's espresso and the traditional French press.

Not a big coffee fan? Celebrate with coffee ice cream, coffee milkshakes, or an after-dinner coffee flavored liqueur.

An eye-opening history of coffee

colonial coffee mug
Following the Boston Tea Party,
there was Revolutionary coffee.

Coffee traces its origins back to ancient Ethiopia where, as legend has it, a goat herder named Kaldi noticed his goats were extra energetic after eating berries from a certain tree.

It's generally assumed that Kaldi tried some for himself and the rest, as they say, is coffee history.

From there, coffee traveled to major Arabic countries and then made its way to Europe where coffee culture eventually caught on in places like Paris and Vienna.

Coffee comes to America

Coffee finally made its way to colonial America in the 18th century, where the beverage played a patriotic role in the country's founding.

Throwing boxes of heavily-taxed British tea overboard into Boston Harbor, many colonial rebels switched to coffee soon after, resulting in Thomas Jefferson proclaiming coffee to be "the favorite drink of the civilized world."

More National Coffee Day fun facts

• After it came to Venice in 1615, local clergy condemned coffee as 'satanic' when Pope Clement VIII intervened and decided to taste the beverage for himself. He found the drink so satisfying that he gave it papal approval!

• Beside helping you to wake up with its high caffeine content, health benefits of coffee include a good dose of beneficial antioxidants, a known cancer fighter.

• Brazil produces about a third of the world's coffee supply, roughly twice as much as second place holder, Vietnam.

• Which country drinks the most coffee? The average adult in Finland consumes 27.5 pounds of coffee per year. By comparison, Americans consume only 11 pounds. (NOTE: Finland is also often counted as THE most contented country in the world. Coincidence?)

• Today, after crude oil, coffee is the most sought-after commodity worldwide.

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