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Take Your Dog to Work Day 2024

Take your dog to work day logoMark your calendars for Friday, June 21, 2024 when every dog gets its day on Take Your Dog to Work Day always celebrated on the Friday following Father's Day.

First begun in 1999 by Pet Sitters International, the day is meant to "Spot" light the benefits of dogs in our everyday lives.

Did we also mention that dogs are a great morale booster -- and a wonderful way to de-stress at work?

Most recently, dogs have also been boon companions in the home office, as well. So don't forget to "invite" your favorite furball to a Zoom meeting this year ,,, on Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Take Your Dog To Work Day ideas

Take your dog to work day idea: Best dressed dog contest!Here are only a few ideas for hosting an event for dog lovers at your place of business that are guaranteed to make your job a little more "human":

• Host a feel-good fund raiser by soliciting photos of employee dog owners and their dogs, then charge everyone an entry fee for judging a Dog/Owner Look-Alike Contest -- with all the proceeds going to your local pet shelter.

• Put on a pet fair. Gather materials that are freely available from the ASPCA or local shelter, or ask a local pet sitter or pet store to help coordinate a Take Your Dog To Work Day where you work. There's lots of information to share with co-workers who may want to know more about popular dog breeds, adopting a dog, or their proper care, exercise and feeding.

• Fun should also be a big part of the day, so grab your camera and take lots of photos of the day's other events. These might include a "Top Dog" contest for best trick or friendliest dog; an owner/dog luncheon featuring lots of dog treats; or a Best Dressed list of dogs in costume.

So why NOT take your dog to work? At least for one special day.

Besides a sure-fire way to boost company morale, the press garnered by Take Your Dog to Work Day generates lots of good public relations for companies who choose to participate.

Take Your Dog to Work zoom meeting
Take Your Dog to Work Day: Have a meeting scheduled at home? Invite a friend.

If management is still unsure about hosting A Take Your Dog to Work Day at your workplace, you might also point out that science has proven that walking your dog every day is actually good for you. Related research also shows that petting your dog can relieve stress and actually lower blood pressure.

Bottom line? More dogs = less doggone sick days.

More about Take Your Dog To Work Day around the Web:

Take Your Dog To Work Day
Here's the official site, with information on the day, and a sign-up form for receiving your own "action-pack" with great ideas for company sponsorship and employee involvement.

Take Your Dog to Work Day - Wikipedia - Check out the whole history of the day with fun facts and information, and a good list of related references and resources.



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