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MAIN Arrow to Holidays Holidays Arrow to Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving! Thursday, November 23, 2023

The very first Thanksgiving was observed in Plymouth, MA in 1621, when weary settlers were joined by Wampanoag Indians in celebration of a traditional Old World English harvest festival.

Thankfully, the Thanksgiving tradition continues today with turkey, savory stuffing and cranberry sauce, plus generous helpings of pumpkin pie and other desserts traditionally prepared from family recipes handed down through the years.

Just up ahead, find related resources including fun facts on the colorful history of Thanksgiving - as well as guides to planning, organizing, and cooking up your own harvest festival including turkey how to's, family games and Thanksgiving craft activities (for kids of all ages), plus more instructions on what to do with all those turkey leftovers .... Happy Thanksgiving!

Apple PieApple Pie Recipes
Just like mom used to make
2023 Thanksgiving Football
What's on when
Black Friday Sales
Christmas is coming ...
Thanksgiving History
It all began with the Mayflower ...
Cranberry Sauce Recipes
Whole or jellied
2023 Thanksgiving Events
Parades, the dog show... and more football!
Mashed Potato Recipes
Perfect every time
Thanksgiving Prayers
Blessings big and small
Pumpkin Pie Recipes
A holiday favorite
Turkey How-to's
Expert tips & instructions
Sweet Potato Pie Recipes
Dessert... or side dish?
Turkey Leftover Recipes
Soup, sandwiches and more
Thanksgiving Clip Art
Turkeys, pilgrims, and more
Turkey Stuffing Recipes
Chestnut, sausage, herb
Thanksgiving Crafts
Make your own holiday fun
More Thanksgiving Recipes
From gravy to dessert
Thanksgiving on a Budget
Thanksgiving turkey
Discover expert tricks on organizing, menu-planning, and shopping for Thanksgiving on a budget — with money-saving tips on hosting a fun and festive family get-together this year that won't break the bank....

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Thanksgiving Day Parade
TV viewing of the annual spectacular was always a tradition at our house on Thanksgiving, but for my kids it just doesn't compare to the wonder and excitement of famous celebrities and giant floats passing right before their eyes...
Thanksgiving Trivia & Fun Facts
Thanksgiving Fun Facts
Which U.S. state has the most turkeys? Where do most of the cranberries in your sauce come from? And more mesmerizing trivia & fun facts to amaze your friends and family this holiday season...
Green Bean Casserole
Green bean casserole recipes Mix green beans together with fried onions and cream of mushroom soup and what do you get? — Down-home magic from a can and a great American recipe favorite on Thanksgiving ..."
Pass the Pumpkin Pie, Please!
Pumpkin pie Every year, more pies are eaten at Thanksgiving than at any other time of year. And what takes the cake for most popular? You guessed it. Check out an award winning recipe along with related resources for making the best one ever...

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