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mission accomplishedFrom the threat of Y2K to the terror that was 9/11, the fear of tsunamis and the shame of Katrina, global warming and Britney's meltdown, through the Bush Years, Iraq and international economic collapse, to the election of the first black president of the United States .... it's was quite a ride.

Meanwhile, popular culture kept us all entertained with age-old and modern technical wizardry throughout the decade in the Harry Potter film series, the movie adaptation of Lord of the Rings, and the reemergence of 3D in the blockbuster Avatar.

On the music scene, rapper Eminem was the largest selling artist as music downloads emerged as the venue of choice for fans wordlwide.

Around the Web, follow the online trail that reveals the first 10 years of the First Decade as told in historical retrospectives together with news and opinion that attempt to answer the age-old question .... what's next?

More about the 2000 decade around the Web:

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Top Movies of the 2000s Decade - A list of the top 50 movies with information on production budgets and ultimate box office grosses.



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