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New England Clambake For Christmas -
Live Lobster, Mussels and Clams


Number of Servings: 2-10
Prep Time: 3 Hours Skill Level: Average


lobster bake in a potLive Lobster - 1 per person
Mussels - 1lb per person
Clams - 1lb per person
Shrimp - 1lb per person
Corn on the cob - one per person
Red Potatoes - as needed
Onion - as needed
White wine - Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc is fine
Butter - for cooking and for dipping once cooked (1 stick for cooking - as needed for dipping)

Some spices to consider:
garlic, chives, salt, pepper, chili powder, celery salt, oregano.


1. Prep vegetables and ingredients, clean potatoes, dice garlic and cut up onions. Onions seem to be best quartered so they are identifiable in the clambake. This allow easy removal for those who do not care for onions.

2. Prepare the stock pot - layer your food items, starting with the vegetables on the bottom. It is not unheard of to add fresh mushrooms from the market or even carrots that have been sliced. Use your imagination here.

3. Once the veggies have been prepped and laid in the stock pot it is time to prep the seafood.

4. Wash the excess sand and debris from the shellfish, place them in the stock pot.

5. Put in the shrimp, either frozen or thawed is fine.

6. At this time the shellfish and shrimp can be mixed together by hand, this isn't necessary but it is nice to mix them together.

7. Place the spices here as well, underneath the lobster (which hasn't been put on yet). Also add a stick of butter, it is recommended to cut this into quarters and place the pieces evenly across the top.

8. Also add the wine as well as a couple cups of water. Depending on the size of the clambake will determine the amount of wine and water to add, there is no set rule here.

9. Place the lobsters on top and place the lid on the pot.

10. Fire up the stove and bring it to a boil. Once it is boiling bring it to a simmer.

11. Leave the lid in place until the lobsters are bright red, indicating they are done.

Helpful Hints:

There is no set rule when cooking a clambake. The experience is where the magic is.

Make sure all your friends and family are present when preparing the clambake, this is where the magic is!

Enjoy the experience, enjoy the time with your loved ones, and enjoy eating your clambake!

Submitted By :

Matt L.

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