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Cook Inlet sunset, Alaska
Sunset over Cook Inlet, Alaska

Alaska offers seashore adventures by the mile - with a chance to see water in its frozen form in mammoth glaciers -- or where summer revelers can jump in at the deep end for fishing or boating on inland lakes, and in rivers for rafting, camping and kayaking -- in a state that boasts the longest coastline in the US.

Did we mention opportunities for Alaska cruises, hiking, clam digging, Alaska whale watching, and...

.... SURFING? You betcha. Alaska's got it all ...

alaskan razor clams
Alaskan clams: fresh today.

DID YOU KNOW? Alaska beaches fun facts:

• Located just a few hours south of Anchorage, popular spots to go clam digging can be found at Cook Inlet beaches including Ninilchik, Deep Creek, Whiskey Gulch, Cohoe Beach and, of course, Clam Gulch.

• Known as Surf City, the town of Yakutat, Alaska beckons adventure surfers attracted to the occasional 20-foot swells that occur in Yakutate Bay. The town, with a year-round population of 662, also boasts Alaska's first and only surf shop.

• On the shores of Wrangell at Petroglyph Beach can be found one of the world's biggest collections of petroglyphs. The incised rock carvings that depict people, salmon, and whales are all believed to have been created by Tlingit tribe artists some 8,000 years ago.

• The Gulf of Alaska is the site of a rare occurrence where "the glacier meets the sea" -- as fresh water runoff and ocean water collide. The natural phenomenon is due to the different densities of fresh and salt water, resulting in a visible white foam border on the surface where the two oceans meet but do not mix.


More about Alaska beaches around the Web:

Prince William Sound State Marine Parks, Alaska - A good overview of pportunities for boating, hiking and beachcombing including details on areas near Valdez, Whittier, Seward and Cordova.

Seldovia - Alaska's Best Kept Secret - Beach community in the southern part of the state offering a virtual tour, webcams, photo gallery, major attractions, walking map, event calendar.

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