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Surfing the California coastStoked about surfing?

You're in good company!

Practiced for a thousand years by Polynesian tribes, surfing was first introduced to the West in the late 1700's when early explorers reported back from Hawaii about a fun diversion involving "a great ocean swell" and a crude wooden "plank" upon which natives rode into shore just for fun.

Fast forward a couple of centuries to the 1960's -- when beach and surfing movies became all the rage -- and surfing quickly became an American and then a global phenomenon which, of course, it remains to this day.

New to surfing? Keep it right here for expert best advice on how and where to surf, or how to buy a surfboard, tips on surfing etiquette and rules of the road, as well as surfing terms and surfer lingo.

Since we're talking riding the big waves here, before you hang ten make sure you do a little web surfing to learn more about surfing safety.

Have fun!

More about surfing around the Web:

StormSurf - This is serious, scientific surfing stuff. Easy to follow tutorials let you forecast the surf in your area of the world using actual marine weather information. Go visit and make your own forecast! They also have a selection of very good related resources.

Surfing - Wikipedia - The complete overview with historical factoids, best surfing locations worldwide, a guide to surfing maneuvers, safety tips, related references & resources, or go just for the photos...

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