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2023 Viewable MLB Playoff Bracket

2023 Printable MLB Playoff Bracket

Watch for the World Series playoff games kicking off on on Tuesday, October 3 beginning with the wild card series.

As usual, the 2023 World Series TV schedule includes the playoffs shared by traditional broadcasters ESPN, TBS, FOX, and FS1 with, once again, FOX airing the complete 2023 World Series games for trhe 26th time this year.

Meanwhile, check out the complete schedule as it becomes available along with world series baseball trivia, fun facts, and related resources just up ahead:


Team matchups and broadcast times will be added as they become available.


Tuesday, Oct. 3
AL Wild Card A, Game 1, ESPN
AL Wild Card B, Game 1, ESPN
NL Wild Card A, Game 1, ESPN
NL Wild Card B, Game 1, ESPN

Wednesday, Oct. 4
AL Wild Card A, Game 2, ESPN
AL Wild Card B, Game 2, ESPN
NL Wild Card A, Game 2, ESPN
NL Wild Card B, Game 2, ESPN

Thursday, Oct. 5
AL Wild Card A, Game 3 (if necessary), ESPN
AL Wild Card B, Game 3 (if necessary), ESPN
NL Wild Card A, Game 3 (if necessary), ESPN
NL Wild Card B, Game 3 (if necessary), ESPN


Saturday, Oct. 7
ALDS A, Game 1, FOX/FS1
ALDS B, Game 1, FOX/FS1
NLDS A, Game 1, TBS
NLDS B, Game 1, TBS

Sunday, Oct. 8
ALDS A, Game 2, FOX/FS1
ALDS B, Game 2, FOX/FS1

Monday, Oct. 9
NLDS A, Game 2, TBS
NLDS B, Game 2, TBS

Tuesday, Oct. 10
ALDS A, Game 3, FOX/FS1
ALDS B, Game 3, FOX/FS1

Wednesday, Oct. 11
NLDS A, Game 3, TBS
NLDS B, Game 3, TBS
ALDS A, Game 4 (if necessary), FOX/FS1
ALDS B, Game 4 (if necessary), FOX/FS1

Thursday, Oct. 12
NLDS A, Game 4 (if necessary), TBS
NLDS B, Game 4 (if necessary), TBS

Friday, Oct. 13
ALDS A, Game 5 (if necessary), FOX/FS1
ALDS B, Game 5 (if necessary), FOX/FS1

Saturday, Oct. 14
NLDS A, Game 5 (if necessary), TBS
NLDS B, Game 5 (if necessary), TBS


Sunday, Oct. 15
ALCS Game 1, FOX/FS1

Monday, Oct. 16
NLCS Game 1, TBS
ALCS Game 2, FOX/FS1

Tuesday, Oct. 17
NLCS Game 2, TBS

Wednesday, Oct. 18
ALCS Game 3, FOX/FS1

Thursday, Oct. 19
NLCS Game 3, TBS
ALCS Game 4, FOX/FS1

Friday, Oct. 20
NLCS Game 4, TBS
ALCS Game 5 (if necessary), FOX/FS1

Saturday, Oct. 21
NLCS Game 5 (if necessary), TBS

Sunday, Oct. 22
ALCS Game 6 (if necessary), FOX/FS1

Monday, Oct. 23
NLCS Game 6 (if necessary), TBS
ALCS Game 7 (if necessary), FOX/FS1

Tuesday, Oct. 24
NLCS Game 7 (if necessary), TBS


Friday, Oct. 27
Game 1 (at better 2023 record), FOX

Saturday, Oct. 28
Game 2 (at better 2023 record), FOX

Monday, Oct. 30
Game 3, FOX

Tuesday, Oct. 31
Game 4, FOX

Wednesday, Nov. 1
Game 5 (if necessary), FOX

Friday, Nov. 3
Game 6 (if necessary, at better 2023 record), FOX

Saturday, Nov. 4
Game 7 (if necessary, at better 2023 record), FOX

Baseball World Series Fun Facts

willie mays' catch during the 1954 world series
"The Greatest Catch Ever Made,"
Willie Mays, 1954 World Series.

The very first World Series was a best of nine game series in 1903 (Boston beat the Pirates 5-3.)

• The New York Yankees hold the record for the most World Series wins, with a total of 27 championship titles.

• "The Greatest Catch Ever Made" was during the 1954 World Series when Giant's center fielder Willie Mays made his fabled running leap for a 460-foot shot from Indians' slugger Vic Wertz.

• Yankee Don Larsen pitched the only perfect game in World Series history. The no-hitter occurred in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series.

• The most storied underdogs in baseball, the Amazin' Mets climbed out of the basement to beat the heavily favored Baltimore Orioles for the championship title in 1969. In total, the Mets have reached the World Series four times in franchise history (1969, 1973, 1986 and 2000).

• San Francisco was rockin' in 1989 when a devastating earthquake hit the Bay Area during Game 3. The game was postponed for 10 days before Oakland went on to sweep the series.

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