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BarbadosThe most eastern island in the Caribbean located northeast of Venezuela, the island named by its Portuguese discoverers is today more often referred to as "Little England" for its long history of subsequent English colonization.

Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on the West coast and the Atlantic to the East, Barbados is divided into 11 parishes, connected by an excellent public bus system that runs through the center of the island.

Around the shore, 70 miles of white sand, palm-fringed beaches look out on crystal clear waters in every shade of aquamarine to blue. Those marine inhabitants leaping from the sea? They are the famous flying fish of Barbados, which today serves as a national icon that regularly appears not only menus but on Bajan currency, as well.

Despite the exotic scenery and endless opportunities for basking or playing in the Caribbean sun, Barbados is in some respects still English to its core especially in its capital city, Bridgetown, where hotels may just as often serve afternoon tea as hot-and-spicy Bajan cookery.

bridgetown, bottom bay beach & harrison cave, barbados attractions
Major Barbados attractions include the capital at Bridgetown, stunning beaches (like Bottom Bay Beach
tucked away on the southeast coast, pictured) and mysterious subterranean formations at Harrison Cave.

Further south, no visit to Barbados would be complete without a visit to the town of Oistins where the regularly scheduled weekend outdoor "fish fry" by local vendors is a favorite with Bajans and tourists alike.

Traveling north from Bridgetown, also don't miss a trip to Harrison Cave for a tram ride around stunning stalactites and stalagmites topped off by a spectacular underground waterfall, making this the island's No. 1 tourist attraction by far.

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