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Avenue Revolucion, Tijuana
Avenue Revolucion, the world's
busiest shopping street.

Once known as a bawdy and naughty border town during the Prohibition era, Tijuana has grown into a one of Mexico's major metropolitan areas and, with a population near 5 million, one of its fastest growing cities

Just over the border from San Diego, Tijuana still relies heavily on American tourism and lures visitors by the thousands with attractive bargains, lively restaurants and bars, as well as affordable medical & dental services and prescription pharmaceuticals.

Thanks to daily tours from San Diego and other southern California cities, Tijuana's Avenue Revolucion is today one of the most shopped streets in the world. The Tijuana Arch, at the very top of the avenue, can be seen for miles and serves as a good landmark for wandering tourists.

Be advised, however, that the area north of the arch is home to the city's notorious "red light" district.

Like any big metro area, some neighhborhoods are better than others, a problem easily solved by taking one of many guided tours of the city that mainly focuses on -- you guessed it -- great shopping!

Avenue Revolucion, Tijuana
Don't forget to stop for a photo
op with Tijuana's "zonkey".

Tijuana Shopping Tour - Avenue Revolucion

South of the arch, bars and restaurants, street stalls and shops abound.

Mexican and English are readily spoken and the the American dollar is king - offering real bargains on hand-made leather goods, wood carvings and other crafts, gold and silver jewelry, as well as prescription drugs that are much cheaper than can be found in the United States.

Don't leave Tijuana without stopping by one of several "photo-op" stops along the avenue. For the price of a dollar, a Mexican hat and colorful poncho are provided as tourists are given the opportunity to pose with a local "zonkey" (a donkey painted to resemble a zebra, a Tijuana icon.).

Smile! And walk away with a memorable souvenir of your trip to Tijuana....

Map of Avenue Revolucion and Shops

Mouse over thumbnails for larger view.

Tijuana Arch




















 Hard Rock Cafe

Benito Juarez

2nd Street

Kentucky Fried Chicken

 Guacamaya Souvenirs

 Gigante Supermarket

 Burger King

Filipe Carrillo Puerto

3rd Street

Sara's London Shop Perfume 

La Placita Restaurant

 Tijuana Tourist InfoTourist Information

 Coin Art

Salvador Diaz Miron

4th Street

Emporium Jewelry & Gifts 

Hotel Caesar Caesar's Hotel, Tijuana

 El Vaquero Boots

 Casa del Angel Folk Art

 Hand Art Embroidery

 Cafe Revolucion

Emiliano Zapata

5th Street

Chimale Mexican Crafts 

Shop 12 Leather


Huichol Art

 Jorge Espinosa Jewelry

Flores Magon

6th Street

Monte Alban Folk Crafts 

Mexicoach Bus TerminalMexicoach 

 Leather Factory

 El Tucan Silver Shop


7th Street


 Tijuana Tilly'sTijuana Tilly's

 Jai Alai PalaceJai Alai Palace


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