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Take the trip up to the top of
Gediminas castle for the best
views of Vilnius, Lithuania's
scenic capital.

Bordered by Latvia to the north, Belarus to the east, Poland to the southwest, and Russia to the west, Lithuania has emerged as a former Soviet Republic to stand proudly on its own as an EU country.

With its rich history and culture, and tempestuously beautiful Baltic Sea coast beaches, Lithuania has also proven to be a a thriving tourist hot spot attracting visitors near and far from throughout Eastern and Western Europe.

No longer Eastern Europe's best kept secret, Lithuania boasts wide swaths of forest, shimmering lakes, as well as the otherworldly Curonian Spit with its seemingly mile-high drifting sand dunes (the largest in Europe) lying to the west.

For most visitors to Lithuania, however, directly east lies the country's capital, Vilnius which, although small in size, claims the biggest attractions in terms of Lithuanian history, culture and architectural treasures.

Lithuanian travel phrases:

HELLO (informal) - sveikas / sveika (for a female) (SVAY-kahs/ SVAY-kah)
THANK YOU - aciu (AH-choo)
YOU'RE WELCOME - prašau (prah-SHOW)
YES - taip (taip)
NO - ne (neh)
DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? - Ar kalbate angliškai? (ahr KAHL-bah-teh AHN-glihsh-kai?)
WHERE IS THE TOILET? Kur yra tualetas? (Kuhr EE-rah TWAH-leh-tahs?)

also see -> Lithuanian Phrasebook

Traverse this very walkable city by foot to ramble around the Old Town and to take in incredibly beautiful Gothic and Baroque churches and cathedrals, with strolls around the Neris riverfront.

While here, a trip up to the top of the 13th century Gediminas castle will reveal the best view of Vilnius and surroundings. Then be sure to stop at one of Vilinius' very fashionable neighborhood cafes or restaurants for a well-earned break.

For sheer contrast, also take in the Frank Zappa statue near the Arts Academy, another tourist attraction on Vilnius' must-see list. Today, the oddity is most notable for its connection to a local fan club that wanted to express its wild abandon for all things Western -- following Lithuania's liberation from the Russian empire in the 1990s.

During the height of the summer season, see why Vilnius is also considered the country's cultural capital as the city comes alive with fashion, music and theater festivals frequently scheduled throughout July and August.

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