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Ljubljana, Slovenia
In the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana,
Triple Bridge serves as an entry way
to a very picturesque Old Town

By far one of the most scenic of the former Soviet republics, Slovenia lies in the eastern Alps at the northeastern end of the Adriatic Sea, with Austria to the north, Italy to the northwest, Hungary to the northeast and Croatia to the south.

Despite its small size, Slovenia more than makes up for it with the charm of its capital city, the natural beauty of its countryside, and the legendary warm and hospitality of its people.

Featuring a more unhurried and authentic travel experience, with affordably cheap hotels and scenic travel tours, Slovenia is an Eastern European gem that, so far, remains largely "undiscovered" on main European tourist routes.

From ski resorts and outdoor adventure travel in the beautiful Julian Alps, to world class diving in Adriatic Sea beaches, or tasting tours along Slovenia's wine road, this tiny country is big on offering unique travel experiences appealing to a wide range of interests.


More to Explore:Slovenia also boasts world famous Lipizzan horses at their original birthplace Lipica, or in northwest Slovenia take a peaceful boat tour around Bled, the "paradise under the Alps". (Botton photo): A short day trip from Slovenia's capital city lies the vast and breathtaking cave system hidden underneath Predjama Castle in Postojna.

Basic Slovene travel phrases:

HELLO - Živijo (ZHEE-vyoh)
PLEASE - Prosim (PROH-seem)
THANK YOU - Hvala. (HVAH-lah)
YES - Da (dah)
NO - Ne (nah)
EXCUSE ME - Oprostite (oh-prohs-TEE-teh)
DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? - Govorite angleško? (goh-voh-REE-teh ahn-GLEHSH-koh?)
WHERE IS THE TOILET? - Kje je stranišce? (kyeh yeh strah-NEESH-cheh)

also see -> Slovenian phrasebook


While Slovene is the major language spoken throughout the country, English is commonly spoken and understood in the larger cities. This is especially true with the younger set and college students who, thanks to the Slovenian education system, are taught several languages (including French, Spanish and German) from grade school onwards.

A walk around Ljubljana

A major attraction on any visit to Slovenia is, of course, the scenic capital city of Ljubluana (pronounced "lyoob-lyAH-nah") with its trendy downtown cafes and a wide range of restaurants serving up local Slovenian specialties, as well as an array of international cuisine (including great pizza!)

Cross the Ljubljanica river over the Triple Bridge and amble around (or take the touristy mini-train) to the Old Town for a trip back in time to the Middle Ages surrounded by narrow, winding streets, medieval buildings, and a stop at Ljubljanica castle for magnificent views of the city.

While here, also be sure to take in the movie presentation that explains city history from ancient Roman times to the present in glorious 3D.

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