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red wineThey are the visitors to the winery who inspect the wines, but also want to see the racks that they're sitting on. They study the nuances of the soil that grew the grapes, and know which cellar masters are to be trusted to produce a fine wine from a good vintage.

They enjoy the anticipation of the time... years down the road, when they will open the wine at it's full maturity and reap the rewards of the long wait.

They are the wine collectors - and if ever one offers to share a bottle with you, consider yourself both honored and extremely lucky!

If you're wine collecting beginner, most experts will advise that you start out with the wines you truly like, although they will usually limited to red wines (which always age better) and a few white wines such as white burgundy and many of the German reislings.

Being a wine collector takes lots of detective work, beginning with wine vintages and rare specimens that have become the stuff of legend among other wine collectors. Joining wine clubs and mailing lists, keeping track of wine auctions, talking directly to vintners and wine makers, and increasing your expertise is really half the fun... and adventure.

Of course, ultimate satisfaction only arrives when you are able to share your special find with friends and loved ones, or to unveil a rare "trophy" wine to mark a special occasion.

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