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map of Germany showing location of the Hessiche Bergstrasse wine regionThe German wine growing region of Hessische Bergstrasse ("Hessian Mountain Road") did not exist as a separate region until 1971.

It was only then that the section of the Bergstrasse -- that stretches from Darmstadt to Heidelberg -- was given an independent status as one of the smallest German wine regions "under vine" with a total of 964 acres. The majority of the region's wine is produced by a winemaking cooperative based in the city of Heppenheim, to which about 700 growers of the region deliver their grapes.

The warm winds that funnel from the Rhine through this area provide an excellent environment for all agriculture ... and grape vines are no exception.

With the Rhine on the west and the steep hills of the Odenwald on the east, the climate is ideal for Riesling grapes which is the main variety traditionally grown here. More than half of the area is devoted to Riesling production. MüllerThurgau and Silvaner are also found in the Bergstrasse wines.

Today, the wine growers of the area are beginning to produce wines made from Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris grapes, and in the deep loess soil of the lower slopes Burgundy wines are also being introduced. Almost none of the wine produced here is exported, so if you want to experience the surprising taste of the full bodied, fragrant and fruity Hessische Bergstrasse Riesling wines, you have a great reason to plan a trip here!

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Hessische Bergstrasse - This brief summary of the region from Wikipedia is surprisingly complete, with climate, grape varieties, wines produced, soil and other geographical information, maps and photos..

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